Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

last task

1. I Prefer tea to coffee
2. My sister Prefer eating fried rice to (eating) snack
3. My Father Prefer milk to tea
4. My Mother prefer eating chicken to (eating) snack
5. Father Prefer eating chicken to (eating) shrimp

6. My mother Like eating rice better than eating snack
7. Father like eating snack better than eating cake
8. I like milk better than tea
9. My father like coffe better than tea
10. My sister like eating cake better than eating snack

11. I Would rather tea than coffe
12. my sister would rather stay in the hous than go to the cinema
13. my father would rather play bulutangkis than football
14. I would rather milk than coffe
15. Father would rather eating cake than eating snack.

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