Minggu, 15 Juni 2014

People with Pain

People with Pain
Human beings are created by God with in reason and feeling complete. Feelings of compassion, and sense to determine which ones are good and which bad but not infrequently a man with his greed did not care what they do to the environment around them.
Damaging the environment for profit, folly to act without thinking of the impact it had examples of illegal logging for profit and greed of others. By constructing buildings that do not fit the rules regarding environmental impact, cutting down trees that serve as water uptake, dispose of plant waste carelessly, and when a person nevertheless humans and their selfishness by throwing garbage into the river arbitrarily causing the silting of the river.
With the selfishness they feel the real impact of what they did for example floods every year should be experienced by the Jakarta city and seemed to always haunt the city's population as well as landslides, although they are not the victims of a landslide that illegal logging, but they who feel the loss for the disaster in the form of material or in the form of their own lives and the waste that can damage the soil structure.
And other natural disasters seemed to show how alampun look so upset over the treatment of human against him. Not to mention the current issues that are still warm by the world is talking about global warming caused by carbon dioxide clumping substance that makes it difficult for sunlight reflect incoming sunlight.
So that the earth's temperature continues to rise due to the increase in temperature of the earth and is starting to look serious impacts of global warming. Mount iceberg began to melt, both the north pole and the south pole is melting, which resulted in a high volume of sea water increases, global warming or global worming is often called also cause extreme weather. Extreme weather such as heavy rain and storms, forest fires heat because the temperature of the Earth increased its lead to human

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