Kamis, 14 April 2011

latihan 1 & 5

latihan 1
1.A: do you know my brother?
B: no, I don’t
2.A: Does jane eats lunch at the cafeteria everyday?
B: yes, she does
3.A: does that pen belonge to you?
B: yes, jane does
4.A: are the students speak English well in this class?
B: yes, they are
5.A: did you sleep well last night?
B: yes, I did
6.A: did Ann and jim came to class yesterday?
B: no, they didn’t
7.A: are you studying your grammar book?
B: yes, I am 
8.A: are the children watching tv?
B: no, the aren’t
9.A: are Tim Wilson is in your astronomy class?
B: yes, he is
10. A: was it foggy yesterday?
B: no, it wasn’t 
11.A: will you be at home tonight?
B: no, I won’t
12. A: is Jason going to work tomorrow?
B: no, Jason isn’t

Latihan 5

1.A: when/what time did you get up this morning?
B: at 7:30
2.A: where you get lunch today?
B: at he cafeteria
3.A: what/when time did you lunch?
B: at 12:15
4.A: why you eat in cafeteria?
B: because the food is good
5.A: where your aunt and uncle live?
B: in Chicago
6.A: when you going to visit your aunt and uncle?
B: next week
7.A: what/when time you will get home?
B: around six
8.A: where is George going to study?
B: at the library
9.A: why George studies at the library?
B: because it’s quite
10.A: where I can catch a bus?
B: at the corner
11.A: what/when time you have to leave?
B: ten o’clock
12.A: where was you living?
B: in japan

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